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Skirmish XII: CWM 2nd place!

Earlier this month our World of Tanks division took 2nd place in the Bravo Playoff 7 for Skirmish XII. I’d like to personally congratulate the team and especially to RayTroy who lead the team to victory on his first command in the field, they will each be awarded at least 1,000currency-gold by

If you are interested in joining Clan War Machine’s World of Tanks Division, you can either register at our forums and post about your interest, or drop an message to the clan’s commander jcannatello040 on the World of Tanks webpage.


Introducing Clan War Machine

Earlier this month the 25th Marik Militia have decided to change their name to Clan War Machine.

So what is exactly changing?

Well as previously stated the name of the multi-gaming clan will be changing to Clan War Machine, our World of Tanks division has also changed it’s name to this, but don’t worry our MechWarrior Online division will still keep it’s name 25th Marik Militia, it will just operate under CWM.

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South Park: The Stick of Truth

The New Kid

March begins with the popular release of South Park: The Stick of Truth from Obsidian Entertainment and Ubisoft, there are very few depraved games such as this which slip through the net without being censored in some way, that is of course as long as you don’t own the EMEA console version or live in Germany, Austria, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan. I can only imagine Ubisoft’s decision to censor their console version for “Marketing reasons” is due to the nature of gaming consoles, which is typically played in one’s living room, fewer people may be inclined to purchase the game with fear of grandma or little Timmy walking into the room; Timmy may have his own console, we can’t have him exposed to scenes of abortions and anal probes. I guess we’ll just have to disregard all the swearing, gore and muck the player experiences throughout the game.

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